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Category: Problem Solving Report

Hydraulic polyp

Hydraulic polyp with rotation for metal scrap manipulation.  

Caps loading system

Machinery modification to load CAPS into filling and sealing production line. Elevators, conveyor, new electrical control box.  

Special component design

We can offer custom design of large series components, taking care of all the necessary aspects: Developing the concept based over the customer requirements Design FEM analysis Manufacturing the prototype Testing Special plug:

Reverse engineering

Anistek Mechatronic can provide full service of reverse engineering and original design of mechanichal parts or complete machinery assembly.

Screw servopress

Year: 2005 – 2013 Area: Industrial equipment for aluminum and Paper molding Problem: Replace a crankshaft mechanical press for the production of paper and aluminum molded trays. Low efficiency, high maintenance and low production capacity are the main problem to solve. Solution: Development of a new servo press with the following key-benefits: Increase the speed…
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Remuclean remuage laboratory machine

Year: 2010 Area: Wine maker consultant. Problem: Design a compact machine that allow the wine experts to study the best remuage cycle for the production of white sparkling wines. The reduction of the time of studying were the key problem: a full cyicle is several days long. The cost of the device must be really…
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Pneumatic springs for baler press

Year: 2009 Area: Waste pneumatic balers. Problem: Find a solution on the continuous broking of the mechanical sprigs for the upward-return of the pressing plate. The cost of the device must be low. The only available source of energy is the compressed air. The solution must retrofit in all the existing produced balers, sold worldwide,…
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Paper cups special mold

Year: 2012 Area: Industrial equipment for Paper molding. Problem: Find the better solution for the production of bottom-shaped paper cups. Solution: Was designed a special mould that combine two different production technologies in one single mechanism. Targets achieved: Continuous production in multi-layer paper Self-staking High speed of production Totally new technology actually under patent Used…
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Suspension height controller

Year: 2012 Area: Automotive electronic¬† 4×4. Problem: Design a end-user product to be installed as aftermarket accessory in order to adjust the height from the ground of the veichles equipped with pneumatic suspensions. Solution: Was designed a an electronic board based on ARDUINO Atmel microchip, with a custom add-on board and especially developed software. The…
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PROBLEM SOLVING REPORT Year: 2011 Area: Telecommunications hardware. Problem: Find a solution to place the DVB-T antennas on the top of the telecommunications towers, that should be lighter, easier to transport and assembly than a standard bolt-in or welded structural frame. Solution: Was designed a single-component modular assembly system, this solution get the following targets:…
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