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We love to innovate, research and develope solution for industry!

We can offer a wide range of  services. Our experience has multiple knowledge of all the actual technologies and skills required for the modern industry needs. The Mechatronic is the total integration between physical things, electronic sensors & hardware and the software that made possible the modern automation.

After many years of experience we can offer the complete solution to develop new industrial equipments and not only.

How we work?

All start with the evaluation of the problem: this could be something completely new or an improvement of existing equipments or process.

Next step, create the solution with the evaluation of multiples ideas, finding the right one considering all the targets: bujet, time, complexity, etc…

Than, with internal and also external expert engineer the project will be devined in every details: designs, schematics, logic of software and components required.

Sourcing, assembly and testing is also possible with us. This mean not only “papers” but possibility to get complete and working prototipes of entire machines.

this is what we call “turn key” service. Making your deams and ideas in real and working things.


Our competences:

  • 3D CAD design
  • PLC programming
  • Electrical project design
  • FEM Simulation
  • Pneumatic systems design
  • Hydraulic system design
  • PLC and microcontroller software engineering
  • Industrial plant maintenance and repair
  • Outsourcing organization for mechanical production
  • Special equipments in “turn key”, ready to use
  • Creative design and problem-solving thinking for your new ideas

Past and actual experience examples includes:

  • Hydraulic presses and Clutch-brake presses design
  • Paper lamination machinery
  • Telecommunication infrastructural design (shelters and towers)
  • Wine industry special machines
  • Weapon fabrication machine design
  • Generic industrial equipment modification and overhauling
  • Oil plant special valve design
  • Pneumatic system assembly and special component
  • Data collection system
  • Remote control system
  • Tools and molds

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