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Remuclean remuage laboratory machine

Creative Innovations

Year: 2010

Area: Wine maker consultant.

Problem: Design a compact machine that allow the wine experts to study the best remuage cycle for the production of white sparkling wines. The reduction of the time of studying were the key problem: a full cyicle is several days long. The cost of the device must be really low.

Solution: Was created a desk-miniature version of machinery “gyropalette”, destined to be used in the laboratory. The programming of the machine, however, is the key point, in fact has been used a micro controller can be managed remotely via a LAN connection to the computer network in the laboratory or throught the web.

It is therefore not necessary to be in front of the machine to modify the working cycle, but it is sufficient to connect via the Internet to change the phases of work at the appropriate time.

The developed electronic control system can also be applied on the wine-maker equipment.

Used technologies:

  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Steel laser cut and bending
  • Electric Motor gearbox
  • Tibbo embebbed microcontroller
  • Basic-style software programming