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Suspension height controller

Creative Innovations

Year: 2012

Area: Automotive electronic¬† 4×4.

Problem: Design a end-user product to be installed as aftermarket accessory in order to adjust the height from the ground of the veichles equipped with pneumatic suspensions.

Solution: Was designed a an electronic board based on ARDUINO Atmel microchip, with a custom add-on board and especially developed software.

The final product is actually the best available on the market, wit several functions, nice presentation, easy installation. Some targets achieved:

  • Suitable from micro to medium to large series production
  • Nice look apparence
  • Programmable in several different version in order to obtain several product from the same platform


Used technologies:

  • 3D CAD modeling10
  • Electronic design
  • Electronic hardware assembling and testing
  • Arduino software programming and debugging
  • Mechanical components design
  • Plastic machining and bending
  • Packaging study
  • On-road testing
  • Pre-series tests with customer/beta tester feedback